Syrian style dance

The title doesn’t really describe the dance but the description used makes it easy for viewers to understand what they’ll see during the clip.
This scene is from a 1982 Syrian movie titled ‘Impratoriyat Ghawwar’ (Ghawwer’s Empire أمبراطورية غوار)
The film starred Syrian actor/comedian Duraid Laham as Ghawwer, a role he reprised in several films.  Also starring were Nagy Jabr, Mohamed Khair Halwani and Nihad Qal’i who was Laham’s regular co-star.
Trivia: Duraid Laham is famous in the ME.  However, he has announced his support for Syrian president Assad. Did you know that ‘al assad’ means ‘the lion’?  There is a Syrian saying about Assad’s father, who’d also been president of Syria, being the Big Lion but the son being only a Little Lion.