Samia Gamal (1959) سامية جمال

Samia Gamal dances in a scene from the 1959 Egyptian film ‘Al Rajol al Thani’ (The Second Man الرجل الثاني) which also starred Lebanese singer/actress Sabah, Salah Zulfikar and Rushdi Abaza. Its interesting to see Gamal, Sabah and Abaza in the same film. As you probably know, Egyptian actor Rushdi Abaza was married to Samia Gamal from 1958 to 1977 but he married Sabah in 1977 prior to the end of his marriage to Gamal. The Sabah-Abaza marriage lasted less than a week as, according to Sabah, he’d omitted to tell her that he was still legally married to Samia. Nobody really seems to know the truth. Did Sabah and Abaza had a mut’ah which is a legal though temporary marriage known over here as ‘The 5 Minute Marriage’? Or did he just like dancers? (He’d previously been married to Taheya Karioka.) Who knows.

Nagwa Fouad (1961) فؤاد نجوى

Egyptian bellydance legend Nagwa Fuad dancing in a scene from the 1961 Egyptian film ‘Al Azwaj w’al Saif’ (Husbands & Summer
الأزواج والصيف ) which starred Kamal al Shennawi, Samira Ahmed and Nagwa Salem.

Taheya Karioka (1953) كاريوكا‎ تحية

Egyptian bellydance legend Taheya Karioka dances in a scene from the 1953 film ‘Ana Zanbi Eh?’ (انا ذنبي ايه) in which she starred along with Farid Shawki, Mohsen Sarhan and Leila Fawzi. The female singer in this scene is Suad Mekkawi (1928-2008).

Gawaher (1961) جواهر

From the 1961 film ‘Tahta sama’ al madinah’ (Under the City Sky تحت سماء المدينة) starring Kamal al Shenawi, Zuzu Shakib, Eman, Tawfik al Dain and Hussein Riad. The dancer in this scene is Gawaher and I think the singer is Dalal.