Nagwa Fouad (1972) فؤاد نجوى

This is Nagwa Fouad performing in the 1972 Egyptian comedy film ‘Adwaa el Madina’ (City Lights أضواء المدينة) which starred Shadia, Ahmad Mazhar, Adel Imam, Ibrahim Saafan and Abdel Monem Ibrahim. Despite having big stars, many songs and a big budget, the film failed to make an impact with audiences.

Hoda Shams El Din (هدى شمس الدين ) and Maha Sabri (1961)

Hoda Shams El Din is the dancer and Maha Sabri is the singer in a scene from the 1961 Egyptian film ‘Ismail Yassin f’il Sijn’ (Ismail Yassin in Prison إسماعيل يس في السجن ). The film tells the story of Mahmoud (Yassin) a Court bailiff who’s arrested for the murder of a neighbour. His wife Fulla, played by Maha Sabri, is forced to start work as a nightclub singer. Also starring were Stefan Rosti, Shafik Nour El Din and Tawfik al Deqn.

Bellydance compilation 12

Three clips of bellydancers in Egyptian movies. The first is a scene of a baladi wedding from the 1995 film ‘Baltiyah Bint Bahri’ which starred Salah Nazmi. This is followed by a black and white clip of Nawal El Saghiera (thanks Simozimo). The final clip is of a dancer in a scene from the film ‘Aman ya Dunya’ starring the late Younes Shelaby who’s the man walking into the nightclub.