Zainat Olwi زينات علوي‎ (1966)

Zainat Olwi and Mohamed Roshdy in a scene from ‘Al Zawj al Azeb’ (The Bachelor Husband). This 1966 film starred Farid Shawki as a man who routinely divorces one of his four current wives so he can marry any woman who takes his fancy.  He divorces one of the wives so he can marry Hind Rostom’s character Azhar and the scene in this clip is at their wedding. Azhar’s unaware that he has other wives and only meets them later.

Zeinat Olwi (1954) زينات علوي

This is bellydancer Zeinat Olwi performing in a scene from the 1954 Egyptian film ‘Al Naas Maqamaat’ (Class Distinctions الناس مقامات ). The film starred matinee idol Shukri Sarhan along with Mahmoud el Meligi, Doria Ahmed, Samiha Tawfik, Hind Rostom and Lebanese born actress Alwiya Gamil.
Trivia: Actors Mahmoud el Meligi and Alwiya Gamil were married from 1939 until el Meligi’s death in 1983. In 1963 el Meligi took a second wife, a young actress, but the story is that Gamil gave him a ‘her or me’ ultimatum and he quietly divorced his second wife.