Taheya Karioka and Farid al Atrache (1942)

This is Taheya Karioka and Farid al Atrache in a scene from the 1942 Egyptian film, “Dreams of Youth” (أحلام الشباب Ahlam al Shabab). The film starred Farid al Atrache as a man, co-incidentally named Farid, who fancies his neighbour’s niece Elham (Madiha Yousri). He gets to know Elham by teaching her to play the piano. Elham’s parents have both died and now she lives with her aunt played by the wonderful Marie Munib. Taheya Karioka plays Bahia, a dancer who tries, but fails, to make Farid fall in love with her. The film also starred Hassan Fayek and Abbas Fares.

Lula Abdu (1955) لولا عبده

This is very short clip of Egyptian dancer and singer Lula Abdu (also spelt Lola Abdou) performing in a wedding scene from the 1955 Egyptian film ‘Ard al Hawa’ (Age of Love عهد الهوى ). The film starred Farid al Atrache (post Samia), Mariam Fakreddine, Abdelsalem al Nabulsi and Yousef Wehbi.

Leila Al Jazairia (1953) ليلى الجزائريه

This is Algerian dancer Leila al Jazairia (ليلى الجزائرية) in a scene from the 1953 Egyptian film ‘Lahn Hobbi’ (The Song of My Love لحن حبي) which starred Farid al Atrache and Sabah.
Leila al Jazairia only danced in a couple of movies with Farid Atrache including this one. Born as Nadia Bouguettaya in 1930 (or 1927) she travelled to France where she was noticed by Farid who decided that she would be the replacement bellydancer/actress after his split from his longtime partner, Samia Gamal. Gamal and al Atrache had separated in 1951 after 11 years together both on and off screen. However, after only 3 films with al Atrache Leila left Egypt and returned to France where she continued to work as a dancer.
Background: Leila al Jazairia’s birthplace Oran in Algeria (Wahran in Berber) was the site of a massacre in 1962 during the Algerian War of Independence.

Samia Gamal (1952) جمال‎ سامية

Samia Gamal dances in a scene from the 1952 film ‘Ma Takulshi La Hada’ (Don’t tell Anyone). The film also starred Lebanese born singer Nour Al Hoda.  The two men shown sitting at the table are Farid Al Atrache and Stefan Rosti.

Samia Gamal and Farid al Atrache (1952)

Egyptian bellydancer Samia Gamal performs in a scene from the 1952 film ‘Don’t Tell Anyone’ (Ma Takulshi la Hada ماتقولش لحد). The film starred Farid Al Atrache who is the male singer performing with her in this scene. The film also starred singer Nour Al Hoda, Stefan Rosti and Abdel Salam Al Nabulsi.

Samia Gamal (1951) سامية جمال

Samia Gamal is the dancer in this clip from the 1951 Egyptian romantic comedy ‘Taal salem’ (Say Hello تعال سلم).
Farid al Atrache plays Meshmesh, a poor singer who works as a waiter in a nightclub while waiting for his chance at the big time. Samia Gamal plays Sakra a famous bellydancer whose father (Abdel Fatah al Kassry) owns the nightclub where Meshmesh works. Meshmesh secretly loves Sakra but he knows he has no chance until, to everyone’s surprise, including his own, he inherits a fortune. The film also starred Ismail Yassin, Zeinat Sedki and a very young Farid Shawki.

Hind Rostom (1957) هند رستم

Hind Rostom (1929-2011) dances in a scene set in a train carriage from the 1957 film ‘Inta Habibi’ (You’re my Love انت حبيبي ).  The film starred Farid al Atrache who’s the singer, Shadia, Abdel Salam Al Naboulsi and Zeinat Sedki. Directed by Youssef Chahine, the film tells the story of Farid and Yasmina  (Farid el Atrach and Shadia) who can’t stand each other but are being forced by their respective families to marry. Unbeknowst to their families Farid is singing in a nightclub and having an affair with a belly dancer (Rostom) while Yasmina is busy having an affair with another man. Eventually Farid and Yasmina decide to co-operate and pretend to like each so their families will leave them alone but in the end they fall in love.