Horeya Hassan (1951) حورية حسن

Horeya Hassan is the singer/dancer in this scene from the 1951 Egyptian drama ‘Ibn al Nil/e’ (Son of the Nile aka Nile Boy ابن النيل). The film was directed by Youssef Chahine and produced by early female film maker Mary Queeny. As the scene shifts from the nightclub singer to the village men on the boat the same song is being sung by both groups. Shukry Sarhan plays Hamid, a country boy who dislikes his life as a rural farmer but marries Zubaida who’s a village girl. Hamid decides to leave the village behind and catch the train to Cairo, the big city. There’s an accident, he thinks Zubaida has been killed and he heads to the city alone. There he quickly changes into a ‘city slicker’ and gets involved with a gang based in a nightclub. He’s eventually arrested and after serving his sentence returns to village life a wiser man. On his return to the village he saves his own young son from drowning and he is reunited with Zubaida but that’s another story. This scene is set in the nightclub, Shukry Sarhan is the tearful man and the woman who sits with him at the end is actress/dancer Samiha Tawfik who plays Poussi the club dancer. Also starring were Faten Hamama as Hamid’s village wife Zubaida, Yehia Shaheen as Hamid’s brother and ‘Mr Evil’ Mahmoud al Meliji as Kamal, the gang leader.

The Great Unknown (1946)

I don’t know who the singer in this scene is, I’m told that it may have been an uncredited actress miming to a song performed by blind Egyptian singer Shafia Ahmed (شافية أحمد)(1923-1983). The dancer who wears a galabeya is possibly Fethiya Fouad (فتحية فؤاد). Does anyone know for sure? What I do know for sure is that the film is from 1946 and was titled ‘Dunia’ (دنيا). It starred Raqia Ibrahim, Soliman Naguib, Ahmad Salem and Faten Hamama (for many years Mrs Omar Sharif) in an early screen role.
Trivia: The star of the film, Raqia Ibrahim, was born as Rachel Abraham Levy . She left Egypt in 1955 and emigrated to the US.