The Great Unknown (1988)

This is another performance by the uncredited dancer in the 1988 Egyptian film ‘El Gadaan al Talatha’ (الجدعان الثلاثة). The singer with her is Fatma Eid (عيد فاطمة ). Any IDs on the dancer? The film starred Samir Ghanem, Mahmoud Reda (the actor not the dancer) and actress Rawaa El Kateb.
Trivia: Fatma Eid is the female half of the duo who sang ‘Ali Looz’, Nagwa Fouad’s old time signature song.

Fatma Eid فاطمة عيد

This is Egyptian singer Fatma Eid performing in the 1983 movie ‘The Great Trap’ (كيدهن عظيم ) which starred Farid Shawki.
Trivia: Need a wedding appropriate song? Fatma Eid put out a CD titled ‘Seebo yaba ya aroosa ‘ that’s full of Shaabi style wedding songs.