Fifi Abdu in the Gulf

This is a performance by Egyptian bellydance legend Fifi Abdu during one of a series of concerts filmed, probably in Abu Dhabi the capital of the United Arab Emirates, during the 70s. Possibly the concerts were part of the celebrations related to the formation of the UAE in 1971 but nobody really seems to know exactly. Any confirmation would be greatly appreciated. In this clip Fifi Abdu’s wearing a blue bedlah.

Fifi Abdu (1990) عبده‎ فيفى

Fifi Abdu dances in a scene from the 1990 film ‘Moulid We Sahbo Ghaib’ ( مولد وصاحبه غايب). The film also starred Youssef Shabaan, Mohsen Sarhan (on the floor on the right), Magda Nour El Din and Nabil Elhagrasy.

Fifi Abdu (1999) عبده‎ فيفى

Fifi Abdu, wearing orange, dances in a scene from  ‘Zane’t el Setat’ (also titled ‘Zanket al Sitat’, Women’s Market زنقة الستات) released in 2000. The singer with her is Shafif Galal. Fifi Abdu starred along with doctor-turned-actor Ezzat Abou Ouf, Maged el Masry and Samy el Adl.  Zane’t el Setat is the name of the old market in Alexandria, Egypt.
The film tells the story of Fifi Abdu’s character Fawakeh who wants revenge on the men involved in the death of her sister.
Trivia: Zane’t el Setat is the area where the serial killers Raya and Sekina often met their intended victims.