The Great Unknown (1953)

This is a wedding scene from the 1953 Egyptian film ‘Aabid al Mal’ (‘Slaves of Money’ عبيد المال) featuring an uncredited dancer. If anyone can help me with a name for her, it’d be appreciated. The male singer is Mohamed Kandil. Other dancers in the film were Katy and Zeinat Olwi and you can see both their performances on this site. The film starred a young Farid Shawki along with Mahmoud al Meliji, Faten Hamama and Emad Hamdi.

Fifi Abdu

Here’s another ‘golden oldie’ from my own collection. Its a digital conversion from a video tape that’s been played many, many times. The featured dancer is Cairo-born Atiyat Abdul Fattah Ibrahim, better known as Fifi Abdu. Fifi’s wearing a striped galabeya in this clip but as its a conversion from an old video tape to a dvd the visual quality is not the best. In this clip Fifi uses an assaya, then she does some khaleegi. The performance has been cut short as the video tape ran out but we still get a 10 minute performance by Fifi so its not all bad is it? Thank you to the guys at Storm Video in Sydney, Australia who’ve done amazing work to restore many of my old, much loved and much travelled video tapes. Shukran!

Zeinat Olwi (1953) زينات علوى

This is Egyptian dancer Zeinat Olwi performing in a scene from the 1953 drama ‘Aabid al Mal’ (‘Slaves of Money’ عبيد المال). The film starred Farid Shawki, Mahmoud al Meliji, Faten Hamam and Emad Hamdi.

Fifi Abdu عبده‎ فيفى

This is Egyptian dancer Fifi Abdu performing during a concert headlined by famous Arabic singer Warda al Jazairia (1939-2012).  This part of Fifi’s performance is folkloric. She wears a red striped galabeya and uses zills (sagat) as well as assaya (cane).

The Great Unknown.

This is a clip that was on my YouTube channel and unfortunately due to the termination of the channel I’ve lost all the information about the clip.
Its from an Egyptian film, and from the clothes being worn and the hairstyles, it looks like its from the 80s. Who’s the actress dancing? The singer, is it Fatma Eid? Who’s the actor who dances with the cane? Aaaagh!