Gawaher (1954) جواهر

This is Lebanese born dancer Gawaher performing in a scene from the 1954 Egyptian film ‘Tahya al-rijjalah’ (Long Live Men تحيا الرجالة ) which starred Karem Mahmoud, Abdel Salam al Nabulsi, Zeinat Sedki, Shekuku and Samiha Tawfik. The man in the front row of the audience in this scene is Abdel Fattah al Kassri.

Hager Hamdy (1949) هاجر حمدي

Hager Hamdy performs in a scene from the 1949 film ‘Gawaher’ (Jewel جواهر) which starred Mahmoud al Meliji, Hind Rostom, Kitty and Ismail Yassin.  The film’s title can also be spelt ‘Jawaher’.

Gawaher and Nadia al Gendi (1965)

Here we have Egyptian bellydancer Gawaher (her name means Jewels) and a very young Nadia al Gendi in a scene from the 1965 drama ‘Eternal Love’ (الحب الخالد). The film starred Hind Rostom and Emad Hamdi.

Gawaher (1962) جواهر

This is Lebanon born bellydancer Gawaher performing in a couple of scenes from the 1962 Egyptian film ‘Malek el Petrol’ (King of Petrol ملك البترول). The singer is Mohamed Taha.
This film starred Ismail Yassin, Abdel Menam Ibrahim, Khayria Ahmed and Zahret al Ola and was written by Abo El Seoud El Ebiary.  Ismail Yassin played Hassouna, a vet who moves his practice back to the countryside to live on a piece of land he owns. He falls in love with the daughter of his neighbour and asks for her hand in marriage. Her widower father agrees to their engagement, on the condition that the vet hands over his land which the father believes has oil under it. However, testing shows there’s no oil so the father breaks the engagement. Later on, after oil is discovered, the father agrees to the marriage, and then he proposes to the vet’s sister. Happy ever after!

Gawaher (1961) جواهر

From the 1961 film ‘Tahta sama’ al madinah’ (Under the City Sky تحت سماء المدينة) starring Kamal al Shenawi, Zuzu Shakib, Eman, Tawfik al Dain and Hussein Riad. The dancer in this scene is Gawaher and I think the singer is Dalal.