Katy (1952) كيتي

This scene featuring bellydancer Katy (also spelt Keti, Kitty, Katie and Kittie) is from the 1952 Egyptian film ‘Men Ayn Laka Hadha’ (Where did you get this?). The film starred Mohamed Fawzi, Ismail Yassin, Zeinat Sedki and Madiha Yusri.
Katy was born in Alexandria, Egypt, of Greek heritage. I’m sure I’m saying things you already know but many who come to this channel are not aware that there was a large Greek community in Egypt prior to the 1952 revolution. The majority left Egypt in the decade or so following. Back to Katy though, as her fame relates to her nationality due to her place of birth I’ve referred to her as Egyptian. Off topic, she appeared in at least two Greek language films and speaks Greek in at least one of her Egyptian films where she plays the daughter of the local Greek barber.
In this film Mohamed Fawzi plays Wahid, a medical student who invents a chemical mix that makes things invisible. He experiments on a goldfish, then a dog and finally he experiments on people. He uses his invention to save his true love from an evil gangster and they all live happily ever after…except for the gangster. The film was directed by Niazi Mustafa.
Film trivia: Fawzi and Yusri married about a decade after this film was made.

Katy كيتي (1953)

Golden era dancer Katy in a scene from the 1953 comedy ‘Ibn Zawat’ (ابن ذوات ) which starred Ismail Yassin, Siraj Munir, Abdel Salem al Nabulsi and Omar Al Gizawy. The singer in this clip is Mohamed Kandil. Katy (in English her name is also spelt Kitty, Keti and Katie) was born in Alexandria, Egypt to a Greek father and Egyptian mother. She appeared in many movies from the 1950s through to the mid-1960s but left Egypt in mysterious circumstances after being implicated in a spy plot. The film’s title is also spelt “Ibn Thawat” and means ‘Son of the Privileged’ though some sites call it ‘Gilded Youth’ or ‘Son of Nobles’. Anyway, you get the gist I’m sure.
Like many of Ismail Yassin’s movies this one was written by Abo El Seoud El Ebiary. In this film Ismail Yassin plays a wealthy young man living the high life in Cairo. His uncle decides the young man should marry and chooses a suitable girl to be his bride. When the uncle asks the girl to marry his nephew she tells him she can’t because she’s already in love with another man but her father refuses to let her marry her intended. Eventually the uncle finds out that the young man in question is his nephew. The girl’s father relents and everyone lives happily ever after.
The term ‘ibn zawat’ is sometimes used in Egypt almost as an insult, meaning a person who is soft and cares only about outward appearances.

Nelly Mazloum (1949) نيلى مظلوم

So here we have Nelly Mazloum doing the Spanish influenced piece in this fairly long, though varied, performance involving numerous dancers and troupes. The scene is from the 1948 film ‘A Sleepless Man’ (Rajol la yanem رجل لا ينام) which starred Yousef Wehbi, Estefan Rosti, Farid Shawki and Negma Ibrahim. Any IDs for the belly dancer or the flamenco dancer?
The singer who collapses at the end of the scene is Madiha Yousri though I’m told that she’s miming over a recorded track but who knows…..