Imtithal Zeki, Hadia and Leila Yosri (1960)


Here are three dancers you may not have met before. These dancers are Imtithal Zeki, Hadia and Leila Yosri performing in scenes from the 1960 Egyptian film ‘Halak el Sayedat’ (Ladies’ Hairdresser حلاق السيدات ). The comedy starred Abdulsalem al Nabulsi and Ismail Yassin as two friends who open a special beauty salon catering not only to women and men, but also catering to pets. The film co-starred Stefan Rosti, Leila Karem and the irrepressible Zeinat Sedki.
Trivia: (1) The film also features Nadia al Jundi in an early movie appearance.
(2) Imtithal Zeki shouldn’t be confused with Imtithal Fawzy the bellydancer who was murdered onstage in 1936.



Hadia (1962) هدية


This is Egyptian dancer Hadia in a scene from the 1962 Egyptian film ‘Forgive Me My Sin’ (اغفر لى خطيئتى). Hadia performed in only half a dozen Egyptian movies between 1958 and 1965.
This film starred Kamal al Shinnawi and Samira Ahmed in the story of a man who discovers that his wife was previously a prostitute.  Long story short, his mother interferes, he leaves his wife then they get back together.
*This* Hadia shouldn’t be confused with the well known Canadian bellydancer who has the same stage name.