Hermeen (1959) هيرمين

The dancer in this scene from the 1959 Egyptian comedy ‘Arees Merati’ (‘My Wife’s Groom’ (عريس مراتى) is Hermeen (also spelt Hermine). The film had an all-star cast headed by Ismail Yassin, Lola Sedki, Abdel Salem al Nabulsi and Zeinat Sedki. Also starring were Fuad al Mohandes, Tawfik al Deqn and Khayria Ahmed who gives a fabulous comic performance.

Hermeen (1956) هيرمين

Grace and elegance. Egyptian dancer Hermeen (also spelt Hermine) performing in the 1956 film ‘Nida’a al Hob’ (Love’s Call/The Call of Love نداء الحب). The film starred Shukry Sarhan, Hussein Riad and Abdel Monem Ibrahim.

Hermeen (1955) هيرمين

Hermeen is the dancer in the dark costume in this scene from the 1955 Egyptian comedy ‘Al Saad Waad’ (السعد وعد) which starred Ismail Yassin. Featured in this scene along with Hermeen are singers Nagah Salem and Mohamed Salman.