Hayatim (1989) هياتم

This is Egyptian dancer Hayatim performing in a scene from the 1989 movie ‘Al Wohoush al Saghera’ (الوحوش الصغيرة Little Monsters). The movie starred actor Farouk el Feshawi and Soheir Ramzy who’s the woman in white who briefly dances with Hayatim.

Hayatim (1978) هياتم

This is Alexandria born dancer and actress Hayatim performing in a scene from the 1978 movie, ‘One Smile is Enough’ (Ebtisama Wahedat Takfi ابتسامة واحدة تكفي ). The film starred Nour al Sherif, Ragaa el Geddawy and Yousra.
Hayatim has appeared in numerous Egyptian movies, initially as a bellydancer who did a bit of acting but later as an actress who did a bit of dancing. She was featured in a series of Egyptian bellydance VHS tapes that introduced many Western bellydancers to famous Egyptian dancers such as Nagwa Fouad, Soheir Zaki, Mona al Saiid and Hala al Safy.
Hayatim was a terrific dancer in her heyday despite the eye searing ‘special effects’ that often featured in her videos.