Hoda Shams El Din and Maha Sabri (1961)

A second clip from “Ismael Yassin f’il Sijn’ (Ismail Yassin in Prison إسماعيل يس في السجن ) a 1961 film starring Ismail Yassin (of course) and featuring Hoda Shams El Din (هدى شمس الدين dancer) and Maha Sabri (singer). Hoda wears the same costume that she wore in the first clip but Maha has changed gowns.

Hoda Shams El Din (هدى شمس الدين ) and Maha Sabri (1961)

Hoda Shams El Din is the dancer and Maha Sabri is the singer in a scene from the 1961 Egyptian film ‘Ismail Yassin f’il Sijn’ (Ismail Yassin in Prison إسماعيل يس في السجن ). The film tells the story of Mahmoud (Yassin) a Court bailiff who’s arrested for the murder of a neighbour. His wife Fulla, played by Maha Sabri, is forced to start work as a nightclub singer. Also starring were Stefan Rosti, Shafik Nour El Din and Tawfik al Deqn.

Hoda Shams El Din (1952) هدى شمس الدين

Hoda Shams El Din dances in a scene from the 1952 comedy ‘Halal Alyek’ (You Really Deserve It حلال عليك ) which starred Ismail Yassin, Elias Moadab and Estefan Rosti.  Elias Moadab, who’s singing in this scene, dropped dead of a heart attack aged only 36 soon after the conclusion of filming.
There are two films with similar titles starring Ismail Yassin: ‘Halal Alyek’ (You Deserve It) released in 1952 and ‘Haram Aalik'(Shame on You) released in 1954. The second film is also known as ‘Ismail Yassin Meets Frankenstein’. Both are based on previously released films by US comedians Abbott and Costello, the first on ‘A Haunting we will go’ and the second on ‘A&C Meet Frankenstein’. Usual thanks to Dr Kiss.


Hoda Shams El Din هدى شمس الدين (1947)

Hoda Shams El Din in a scene from the film ‘Abu Halmus’ (أبو حلموس) which was released in October 1947.  The film starred Naguib Al Rihani, Abbas Fares, Mary Mounib, Fardous Mohamed and Hagar Hamdi.
Thank you to Karafantus for the ID of the dancer.