Samiha Tawfik and Hoda Sultan (1953)

This is another scene from the 1953 Egyptian film ‘Ghaltet al Omr’ (Mistake of a Lifetime غلطة العمر) which starred the performers featured in this clip; dancer/actress Samiha Tawfik and singer/actress Hoda Sultan. Also starring were Zouzou Nabil and Hamdy Gheith. Fouad al Mohandes appears in this movie which is early in his film career.

Hoda Sultan & Samiha Tawfiq

This is a scene from the 1953 Egyptian film ‘Ghaltet al Omr’ (The Mistake of a Lifetime).  Samiha Tawfiq is the dancer and Hoda Sultan is the singer. There’s something for everyone here, a bit of bellydance, some debke, some slide guitar and (sort of) hula.
Hoda Sultan was married to Egyptian actor Farid Shawki (‘The King of Third Class’) for many years. She died in 2006.