Hoda Shams El Din هدى شمس الدين (1955)

This dancer is Hoda Shams El Din (also spelt Shamseddine). If you’ve ever wondered what a bellydance costume would look like with a giant pretzel on the front of the belt, here’s your answer. Someone pointed out on TheCaroVan that its actually a snake motif and that Hoda’s wearing a matching snake on her arm. Yikes, I’m not sure what’s worse, a pretzel or a snake!
The scene is from the 1954 film ‘An American from Tanta’ (أمريكانى من طنطا ) which starred Firdous Mohamed and Kariman along with Riad Hussein, Abdul Moneim Ibrahim, Wedad Hamdy and Shukry Sarhan. During the performance close-ups of the reactions of two women in the audience are shown. Kariman is the woman with the longer hair