Hager Hamdi and Horeya Mohamed (هاجر حمدى & حورية محمد)

The two dancers in this clip are Hager Hamdi and Horeya Mohamed. The singers with them are Mohamed Salman who does the mawal, and he’s followed by Mohamed al Kahlawy.
Trivia: Lebanese born singer Mohamed Salman was married to Najah Salam.

Horeya Hassan (1958) نعيمة عاكف

Usually known as a bellydancer, Horeya Hassan (حورية حسن) shows just what a good singer she was in this scene from the 1958 Egyptian film ‘Ahabek ya Hassan’ (I Love You Hassan أحبك يا حسن). The film starred Shukri Sarhan who’s at the piano and Naima Akef who’s dancing in this clip.  Also starring were Abdel Monem Ibrahim who’s the pyjama wearing drummer, Estefan Rosti, Tawfiq al Daqn and Nadia Nour who was only in a couple of films.
The song Horeya Hassan sings is titled, ‘Min Hobi fik ya Gari’ (With love for you my neighbour). The song was written for this film and its now so popular for bellydancers thanks to the versions on Leila Farid’s cds.
Towards the end of the scene Horeya Hassan looks into Hassan’s room and sees Naima Akef dancing.

Houreya Mohammed (1949) حورية محمد

The bellydancer in this clip, Houreya Mohammed (1918-1970) should be better known as she’s a terrific dancer. This scene is from the 1949 Egyptian film ‘Fatma, Marika, and Rachel’ (فاطمة وماريكا وراشيل) which starred Mohammed Fawzi, Lola Sedki, Ismael Yassin and Madiha Yousri. The film has been classed as an ‘ethnic comedy’ as it tells the story of a man who is in love with three different women, the ladies being Fatma who’s a Muslim, Marika who’s a Christian and Rachel who’s a Jew. Lebanese actress/dancer Nelly Mazloum plays the part of Rachel.
Trivia: Its rumoured that Houreya Mohammed was the dancer who famously slashed Taheya Karioka’s costumes in a fit of jealousy when they both worked for Badia Masabni. Does anyone know if this is true or not?