Soheir Magdi (1962) سهير مجدى

Soheir Magdi is the dancer in this scene from the 1962 Egyptian comedy ‘Kill Me Please’ (Iqtulni Min Fadlak اقتلني من فضلك ). The film tells the story of Mamdouh (Fouad al Mohandes) who’s told that he’s dying so he breaks up with his fiancée Amina (played by Shwaiker) and tries to kill himself.  However, during his suicide attempt he’s interrupted by a burgler.  Mamdouh hires the burgler to kill him at a time and place of the burglar’s choosing so Mamdouh will not expect it. Shortly afterwards Mamdouh finds out that the diagnosis was wrong, he’s not dying, so he has to find the burgler-hitman to stop the burgler killing him.