Nabaweya Hassan (1951) نبوية حسن

The dancer in this clip is Nabaweya Hassan (نبوية حسن) who only seems to have appeared in two movies, both in 1951 and both starring comedian Ismail Yassin. This scene is from “My Mother-in-Law is an Atomic Bomb” (Hamati Kombola Zorriaحماتى قنبلة ذرية). The film tells the story of Zaahar and Batta (Ismail Yassin and Taheya Karioka) who are a happily married couple.  Unfortunately Batta’s mother, played by veteran comedienne Mary Munib thinks Batta can do better for herself and forces the couple apart.  Also starring were Wedad Hamdi and Abdel Fatah el Quossary. Many thanks to Atyat Ghareeb and Sonja Antanasijevic for the dancer ID.

Taheya Karioka (1944) كاريوكا‎ تحية

This is Taheya Karioka performing in a scene from the 1944 Egyptian comedy film ‘Naduga’ (نادوجا). The film also starred Ismail Yassin, Mohammed al Bakkar and Fardos Mohamed. Taheya Karioka plays Nadia, a local politician’s daughter who was lost in the forest many years previously. Nadia’s origins have been forgotten and she’s now known to everyone as Naduga (also spelt ‘Nadoga’). She’s been raised by the animals and is now protected by an 8 feet tall monkey. (If there’s an Oscar for ‘Worst Monkey Suit Ever’ this one would win it.)

Loula Sedki (1959) لولا صدقي

The dancer in this scene from the 1959 Egyptian comedy ‘Arees Merati’ (‘My Wife’s Husband’ عريس مراتى) is one of the film’s stars, Cairo born actress, dancer and singer, Loula Sedki (1923-2001). The actor with her is Tawfik al Deqn.
This film starts with a logo that says ‘Loula Sedki Films’ so she must have had her own production company at some point. Cairo born Loula Sedki’s film career in Egypt started in the 1940s and seems to have ended in the mid-1960s when she went to Italy where she appeared in several Italian language films. She died in Rome in 2001.
Trivia: The three people in the audience also star in the film; Ismail Yassin who’s trying to hide his eyes, Zeinat Sedki and Abdel Salem al Nabulsi.

Hermeen (1959) هيرمين

The dancer in this scene from the 1959 Egyptian comedy ‘Arees Merati’ (‘My Wife’s Groom’ (عريس مراتى) is Hermeen (also spelt Hermine). The film had an all-star cast headed by Ismail Yassin, Lola Sedki, Abdel Salem al Nabulsi and Zeinat Sedki. Also starring were Fuad al Mohandes, Tawfik al Deqn and Khayria Ahmed who gives a fabulous comic performance.

Taheya Karioka (1950)(2) كاريوكا‎ تحية

Taheya Karioka dances in another scene from the 1950 Egyptian comedy ‘Al Batal’ (‘The Champion’ or ‘The Hero’ البطل). The central character in the film is Batal (Ismail Yassin) and he’s been mistakenly told that he has only a week to live. As a result, he hurriedly marries his fiancée Sharbat played by Shadia and this scene is set at their wedding. Batal has hired Toha the bellydancer, played by Taheya Karioka, to dance at the wedding but in order to save money as he thinks he’s going to die very shortly, he’s also hired a troupe of professional funeral mourners to perform at the same time.

Nabaweya Mustafa (1954) نبوية مصطفى

Nabaweya Mustafa is the dancer in this scene from the 1954 Egyptian film ‘Khalak ma Allah’ (‘Stay with God’ or ‘Trust in God’ خليك مع الله). The film starred comedian Ismail Yassin along with Mahmoud al Meliji, Zomoroda, Zeinat Sedki and Abdel Wares Asar. The film featured Nadia Riaz who doesn’t seem to have been in any other films save this one. The singer is Mohamed el Kahlawy (محمد الكحلاوي).

Riri (1957) ريري

This is another clip of Egyptian dancer Riri performing in the 1957 Egyptian comedy, ‘Ismail Yassine lil Beih’ (Ismail Yassine for Sale اسماعيل يس للبيع).
The film tells the story of Leila, played by former child star Fayrouz, who tries to commit suicide but is saved by Ismail (Ismail Yassine).. Fayrouz would have been around 16 years old when this film was made. Some sites give her birth year as 1943 which would have made her only 14 when this film was made. Also starring were Thuraya Helmi and Reyad El Kasabgy.