Nabaweya Hassan (1951) نبوية حسن

The dancer in this clip is Nabaweya Hassan (نبوية حسن) who only seems to have appeared in two movies, both in 1951 and both starring comedian Ismail Yassin. This scene is from “My Mother-in-Law is an Atomic Bomb” (Hamati Kombola Zorriaحماتى قنبلة ذرية). The film tells the story of Zaahar and Batta (Ismail Yassin and Taheya Karioka) who are a happily married couple.  Unfortunately Batta’s mother, played by veteran comedienne Mary Munib thinks Batta can do better for herself and forces the couple apart.  Also starring were Wedad Hamdi and Abdel Fatah el Quossary. Many thanks to Atyat Ghareeb and Sonja Antanasijevic for the dancer ID.

Nabaweya Fahmy (1950) نبوية فهمي

This scene is from the 1950 Egyptian comedy film, ‘Leilat al Dokhla’ (The Wedding Night ليلة الدخلة) and features Alexandria born bellydancer Nabaweya Fahmy, who seems to have appeared in only 3 movies between 1950 and 1953 and nothing more. This film starred Ismail Yassin, Hassan Fayek, Samiha Tawfik, Magda and Abdel Fattaḥ al Qaṣri. The two ladies sitting on the chairs are actresses Aziza Badr and Zakeya Ibrahim. The film tells the story of two bachelor barbers who arrange with a matchmaker to have a double wedding to marry their sweethearts who are sisters. On the wedding night the grooms find that their matchmaker has married them to two other, shall we say ‘less attractive’, women.
Trivia: The singer in this clip is Horeya Hassan who was well known as a bellydancer and had a terrific singing voice as some of her other clips will attest. You’ll find other clips of Houreya Hassan here on TheCaroVan.

Samia Gamal (1944) جمال‎ سامية

Samia Gamal dances at an engagement party in a scene from the 1944 film ‘Meen al Gani?’ (Who’s the Criminal? من الجانى) The film starred Amina Risk, Abbas Fares, Mary Munib and Anwar Wajdi. The man in the light coloured suit on the right is a very young (and thin) Ismail Yassin who went on to become a comedy legend in the ME with a string of successful films.
The bedlah Samia’s wearing is a similar design to one worn by Hager Hamdi in the 1946 film ‘The Unknown Singer’.

Katy (1954) كيتي

Katy is the ghostly bellydancer in this scene from the 1954 Egyptian comedy ‘Afritat Ismail Yassine’ (Ismail Yassine’s Ghost عفريتة إسماعيل يس ).   Katy plays a nightclub bellydancer who is murdered by the henchman (played by Farid Shawki) of a greedy nightclub owner. She haunts Ismail Yassine who also works at the nightclub until he agrees to help identify her killer. The complications begin when she admits that she doesn’t know whodunnit because she was asleep at the time. Also starring were Mary Mounib and Zeinat Sedki.