Zeinat Olwi, Katkoota and Zizi Mustafa (1969)

This scene is from the 1969 Egyptian comedy ‘Nashal Raghm Anfoh’ (A Pickpocket Despite His Nose نشال رغم أنفه). The film starred Nadia Lutfi as a movie star named Samia and Amin el Heneidi (1925-1986) as Sayed, the pickpocket of the film’s title.
The clip starts with dancing by Alexandria born Zeinat Olwi (1930-1988) who’s accompanied by singer Shafik Galal. The man at the bar wearing a white waistcoat is actor Tawfik al Deqn. The second dancer is Katkoota (قطقوطة). I’m pretty sure the third dancer who’s performing at the wedding is Zizi Mustafa though any confirmation would be much appreciated. The singers in the wedding scene are ‘The 3 Stagelights’ (“Tholaathi Adwaa al Masrah” فرقة ثلاثي أضواء المسرح التي). Of this trio Samir Ghanem (the tall bald one) went on to have a hugely successful career as a solo comedy actor, George Sedhom (the one in the suit) retired many years ago due to on-going ill health and El Deif Ahmad (the young one) died in 1970.
Trivia: Dancers may be interested to know that Nadia Lufti, the star of this movie, later played Badia Masabni in the 1975 Egyptian bio-pic of Masabni’s life. Fouad al Mohandes played the part of famous Egyptian actor Naguib el Rihani who was Masabni’s husband from 1925 until 1949.

Salwa Sami and Katkouta (1957)

Shadia is the singer in this scene from the 1957 Egyptian drama ‘Lawahez’ (لواحظ). The two dancers are Salwa Sami (سلوى سامى) and Katkouta (قطقوطة). The film starred Shadia, Zozo Nabil, Kamal el Shennawi and Abdel Menam Ibrahim and was written by Mohammed Mustafa Samy.
The film tells the complex story of a nightclub entertainer named Lawahez (Shadia) whose parents are both in jail. She is shocked to learn that Azab, the man she thought was her father, is not.  This is lucky as he’s evil and is sending her threatening letters from jail. She reports this to the police and the officer she tells just happens to be the son of her real father’s second wife. (ie Her real father is his stepfather….like I said, its complex!) The officer decides the only way to save Lawahez from the nightclub world is to bring her home to work as a maid for her real father. She accepts the offer and eventually she and the officer fall in love. Meanwhile Azab, her stepfather, gets out of prison and goes looking for her. He breaks into her real father’s home and demands that she be returned to him but her real father refuses. The second wife then learns that the girl has worked in a nightclub and throws her out. The stepfather and his gang go to the nightclub and kidnap Lawahez. The stepfather tries to rape her but she resists and in the struggle she stabs him to death just when the officer arrives to save her.

Katkouta (1959) قطقوطة

Zills/sagat by Egyptian bellydancer Katkouta in a scene from the 1959 tear jerker ‘Al Mar’ah al Majhoula’ (The Unknown Woman) which starred Shadia, Kamal al Shinawi and Mahmoud Tho Al Fiqar (Zulfiqar) and tells the story of a woman who leaves her husband and young son. Over the years she becomes a nightclub singer, turns to drink and is eventually saved from prison by her son who, unknown to her, has become a lawyer.

Katkoota (1965) قطقوطة

Bellydancer Katkoota in a scene from the 1965 Egyptian film ‘Wulidat min Gidid’ (Born Anew/Reborn ولدت من جديد) which starred the singer Muharram Fuad along with Nazha Younes and Abdelsalem al Nabulsi.
The name ‘Katkoota’ which is her stage name not her real name.  It means in English, something like ‘kitty cat’.