Katy (1952) كيتي

This is Katy (aka Katie, Kitty, Kittie, Keti) performing in the 1952 Egyptian film ‘Kaas al Athab’ (The Cup of Suffering كأس العذاب ). The film starred Farid Shawki, Faten Hamama and Mohsen Sarhan.

Katy (1954) كيتي

Egyptian born/Greek descent dancer Katy is featured in this scene from the 1954 Egyptian film ‘Khalak ma Allah’ (also spelt ‘Halik ma Allah’, meaning ‘Stay with God’ or ‘Trust in God’ خليك مع الله). While in this clip Katy’s performance isn’t bellydance and the music certainly isn’t, never mind, we could just change the music and a few of the movements and its raks sharki LOL.  The music is so familiar but I can’t think of the name and now the tune is stuck in my head.
The film starred Ismail Yassin, Mahmoud al Meliji, Zomoroda, Zeinat Sedki, Abdel Wares Asar and Nadia Riaz who doesn’t seem to have been in any other films save this one.

Katy (1954) كيتي

This is Egyptian born bellydancer Katy dancing in a scene from the 1954 Egyptian film ‘Al Zolm Haram’ (‘Injustice Is Prohibited’ or ‘One Must be Fair’ الظلم حرام).  ‘Al Zolm Haram’

starred Emad Hamdi, Magda, Ismael Yassin and Shadia.  Farid Shawki who also starred in the film is ogling Katy in this scene.
Trivia: The film was written by Abu Seoud El Ibiary who wrote many of Ismael Yassin’s comedy films.