Dani Boustros (1958-1998)

Lebanese bellydancer Dani Boustros combined traditional bellydance with elements of flamenco and modern dance. She was also a choreographer, actress and singer.  Sadly, she died by her own hand in December 1998.

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Boushra (lime green bedlah)


This is one of my favourite Lebanese bellydancers, Boushra. This performance in which she wears a lime green bedlah, was filmed at a large outdoor concert that featured a number of well known dancers. She does her trademark backbend with a cane at about 5mins in. Now married to her guitar player and raising a family, Boushra has retired from major public performances but still dances occasionally at private functions.
The music Boushra enters to is ‘Haramt Ahabek’ a song made famous by Warda.
The YouTube URL is at the bottom of this clip but ignore that, I’ve moved countries several times and I can no longer find the original tape 😦