Lucy (لوسى)

Here’s another ‘golden oldie’ performance this time the dancer is Egyptian bellydancer Lucy (لوسى).  Her performance is in two parts. In this clip she’s wearing a blue bedlah.
This is a digital conversion from an old video tape that’s been played many, many times so the visual quality is not the best.

Lucy (لوسى) Parts 1 and 2

This is a performance by Egyptian bellydancer Lucy (لوسى) in two parts. In this clip Lucy is wearing a black and silver bedlah with bizarre shoulder pads, ‘like a lizard’ was one suggestion. Born in Cairo and growing up in Mohamed Ali Street as Inam Mohammed Saad Abdul Wahab (إنعام سعد محمد عبدالوهاب) Lucy was soon dancing at weddings and nightclubs including later her own nightclub, ‘Parisiana’ in Cairo. She now has a successful career as a movie actress including an award at the Alexandria Film Festival in 1996.

Trivia: According to the web publication ‘Al Bawaba’ Lucy, “…considers 99.9% of Egyptian belly dancers respectable and honourable. Their repeated marriages is better than getting involved in illegitimate affairs.”

Lucy (لوسى)

 This is an old video of Egyptian bellydancer and actress Lucy (لوسى). As this is a conversion from a VHS tape to a dvd then to an mpg the visual quality isn’t the best.
Trivia: She also uses the name Lucy Saad.

Lucy لوسى

This is Egyptian bellydancer Lucy performing ‘Lessr Fakir’ (لسه فاكر ‘Do you still remember?’). The music was composed by Riad Sonbati with words by Abdel Fattah Mustafa and was sung, like so many of their compositions, by the legendary Egyptian vocalist Umm Kalsoum (aka Om Kulthum and 101 other spellings of her name ام كلتوم).