Lebleba (1983) لبلبة

Egyptian actress/dancer Lebleba dances in a scene from a 1983 film ‘Innahoum Yassriqoun al Aranib’ (They Steal Rabbits انهم يسرقون الارانب) in which she starred along with Samir Ghanem, Gamil Rateb and Seif Allah Mokhtar.  The film’s a comedy that tells the story of a couple who discover a crook’s plan to rob a bank and decide to beat him to it and rob the bank themselves.  That’s what they’re trying to do while Lebleba performs to distract everyone but things go downhill from there.
Trivia: Lebleba is of Armenian descent and is a cousin of child actress Feyrouz.

Lebleba (1973) لبلبة

Actress/singer/dancer Lebleba dances in a scene from the 1973 film ‘Zawaj Bil Ikrah’ (Marriage By Force زواج بالاكراه ). The film also starred Nour el Sherif, Suheir Ramzi and Syrian born actor Rafik Subaie.
Born in Egypt, Lebleba’s real name is Ninochka Manoug Kupelian. Of Armenian heritage, she’s related to child actress Fayrouz Arteen.

Lebleba (1985)

The Egyptian dancer and actress in this clip is Ninochka Manoug Kupelian, who’s better known as Lebleba.  The scene is from the 1985 movie ‘Mahatet al ons’ (Social Station محطة الانس). The film starred Samir Ghanem, Said Saleh and Younes Shelaby.  While I haven’t watched the entire movie, unfortunately from my brief viewing I understand why it was described by one reviewer as ‘unapologetically stupid’.

Lebleba with Ahmed Adaweya لبلبة احمد عدوية‎

This scene is from the 1981 Egyptian film ‘4-2-4’ which is about soccer…no surprise given the title I guess 🙂
The singer is the shaabi legend Ahmed Adaweya and the dancer is Ninochka Manoug Kupelian better known as Lebleba (or Lubluba or Libliba). The film also starred Farida Seif al Nasr who’s a reasonable dancer in her own right, Waheed Seif and Samir Ghanem.
Trivia: Lebleba was given her first break in showbiz by Abu Seoud el Ibiary, the man who wrote most of Ismael Yassin’s comedies.