Lula Abdo ليلى عبده (1954)


Lula Abdu (لولا عبده) dances in a scene from the 1954 Egyptian comedy ‘Al Setat ma Yirafoush Yikdibu’ (Women Don’t know how to lie  الستات ميعرفوش يكدبوا) which starred Ismail Yassin, Shadia, Zeinat Sedki and Tawfik al Deqn.

Lula Abdo (1952) لولا عبده

Lula Abdo sings and dances in a scene from the 1952 film ‘El Zuhur el Fatina’ (The Charming Flowers الزهور الفاتنة ). Tahiya Karioka who’s one of the stars of the film is in the audience. The film tells the story of two poor sisters named Ratiba (Karioka) and Karima (Faten Hamama). Ratiba is an ambitious dancer who’ll do anything (and anyone) to move up in life while her sister works as a nurse and takes care of their widowed mother played by Aziza Helmy. Long story (very) short, Taheya’s character marries an older man for his money, has a child then gets caught with her boyfriend, is divorced and the child is taken from her. She develops a terminal illness, goes on Hajj, comes back to Cairo and dies with her child in her arms surrounded by her forgiving family. Also starring were Mahmoud el Meliji,, Shokry Sarhan, Fardous Mohamed, Hussain Riad and Farid Shawki.

لولا عبده Lula Abdo (1955)

Lula Abdo is the dancer in this scene from the 1954 film ‘Alashen Eyounik’ (Because of your eyes  علشان عيونك ) which starred Shukri Sarhan, Nawal, Mary Mounib, Soliman Bey Naguib and Zeinat Sedki.  The singer in this scene is Mahmoud Abdel Aziz.