Lula Abdu (1955) ليلى عبده


Dancer Lula Abdo features in this scene from the 1955 Egyptian film ‘Inni Rahila’ (إني راحلة ‘I am Leaving’ or sometimes known as ‘Tragic Departure’) directed by Ezzedine Zulfikar and based on a novel by Yusuf al Sabai. Thank you to Osama Salem for the name of the dancer. The film starred Madiha Yousri, Emad Hamdi, Zeinat (with a ‘t’) Sedki (with flowers in her hair in this scene), Zeinab (with a ‘b’) Sedki and Seraj Mounir.
Movie trivia:(a) The star of ‘Inni Rahila’, Madiha Yousri, was married to singer/composer Mohamed Fawzi from 1952-1959.
(b) Yusuf El Sebai who was the author of the book ‘Inni Rahila’ on which this film is based, shouldn’t be confused with the Egyptian Minister of Culture with the same name who was assassinated.