Samara (lilac)

This is bellydancer Samara filmed years ago when she was quite early in her career.
Born in Basra Iraq, Samara moved to Lebanon as a student and took bellydance lessons from Nadia Gamal. The story is that Nadia asked her, ‘Do you want to be a dancer or do you just want the money?’ When Samara replied that she wanted to learn to dance properly, Nadia Gamal encouraged her to practice hard and develop her own personal style.
In this performance Samara wears a lilac bedlah with a skirt made from lengths of marabou feathers. I must have watched this tape 1,000 times as the music is fabulous. I never much liked the marabou but there you go…..

This is a conversion from VHS video tape to digital so the quality isn’t what we’re used to nowadays but part of this site’s role is to be an archive.