Hind Rostom (1971) هند رستم‎

This is Egyptian actress Hind Rostom performing in a scene from the 1971 Egyptian film ‘Modaresti al Hasnaa’ (My Fair (or Beautiful) Teacher مدرستى الحسناء). In this film she plays Nadia, a chemistry teacher who moves to Cairo with her sister played by Sanaa Mazhar. Nadia takes up a job as the teacher of a group of high school troublemakers. Viewers will need to suspend reality as leading the supposed ‘students’ are actors Hussein Fahmy, Helmy Abdel Wahab and Saeed Saleh who were all decidedly 25+. Also starring was Abdul Moneim Ibraheem.
Trivia: You may remember the same ‘dream’ sequence in the 1973 version of the film where the dancing was performed by actress Mervat Amin. The 1973 film was titled “Madraset El Moshaghbeen” (School of Troublemakers مدرسة المشاغبين ) and is in colour.

Mervat Amin (1972) ميرفت أمين


The two dancers in this clip are actress Mervat Amin and comedian Fuad al Mohandes (1924-2006). The scene is from the Egyptian comedy ‘The Return of the Most Dangerous Man in the World’ (Awdat Akhtar Ragol f’il Aalam عودة أخطر رجل فى العالم). In this film Fuad al Mohandes reprises the dual roles of Zaki the insurance company rep and international criminal mastermind Mr X.  These roles were first seen in the 1967 film ‘The Most Dangerous Man in the World starring al Mohandes and his then wife Shweiker.
This time there is a maharajah in town and Zaki is sent to convince the maharajah that he should insure his jewellery. Meanwhile Mr X is planning on stealing the gems. Also starring in the film were Samir Sabri, Salah Nazmi and Wafik Fahmy who’s the maharajah and is wearing the turban in this scene. The blonde woman who faints is a little known actress called Birgitte who only made a couple of films.

Trivia: 1) Mervat Amin’s second husband (she’s had four) was guitarist Omar Khorshid.
2) Filming of this movie was completed in 1972 but it wasn’t released until the following year.

Mervat Amin (1973)

Actress Mervat Amin and actor Sayed Zayen dance together in a short baladi piece from the 1973 film “Madraset El Moshaghbeen” (School of Troublemakers  مدرسة المشاغبين ) which starred Nour El Sherif, Mohamed Awad and Samir Ghanem. Shukran Salma Ben for the ID. The film tells the story of Afaf, a pretty teacher, who transforms five rebellious young men into model students. After being a successful play, usually identified with the actor Adel Eman, several film versions were made.  In this film version the viewer is asked to suspend reality as the students are all played by actors who were in their 30s.
Trivia: This film also starred George Sidhum who retired from acting in 1997 following a stroke.  Together with Samir Ghanem and El Deif Ahmed he formed the comedy trio known as “Tholathy Adwa’a El Masrah” who appeared in many films.