Bellydance compilation 14

Four short clips make up this compilation.
1. The first is from the 1951 film ‘Malek al Petrol’ and it puts many of today’s revealing costumes to shame.
2. The dancer in the second clip is Abeer Kamal.
3. No name so far for the dancer in the third scene whose performance turns into an onstage brawl.
4. The dancer in the final clip is Nadia al Jundi.
Thank you to simozimo09 for the dancer ID for Abeer.

Bellydance compilation 1

Bellydance scenes from some Egyptian movies from the 1970s. First, a Nubian theatre troupe, then there’s some scenes from the 70s, the dancer in green is Sohair Ramzy (its supposed to be a dance competition so the girls all dance to the same piece), then there’s a lovely piece by an unknown dancer (again the storyline is that its an audition), this is followed by the latest from Amr Diab’s movie ‘Ebka Kablny’ and finally some short clips of bellydancer/actress Nabila Ebeid in an advert for a upcoming programme.