Nawal Al Saghira نوال الصغيرة

Nawal Al Saghira (نوال الصغيرة ) is the dancer and Mohamed Taha (محمد طه ) is the singer in this scene from the 1966 Egyptian film ‘Shaa’awet Regala’ (The Awful Men) which starred Suad Hosny and Rushdy Abaza.  You’ll also see a young Mohamed Awad near the end of the scene. This clip is unusual as Mohamed Taha wears a tuxedo rather than galabeya.


Shamadan (1966)

A shamadan performance from the 1966 film ‘Al Zawj al Azeb’ (The Bachelor Husband الزوج العازب).   This film tells the story of Ashour, played by Farid Shawki, who routinely divorces one of his four current wives so he can marry any woman who takes his fancy. Hind Rostom joins Nemat Mokhtar, Zuzu Shakeeb and Linda Badawi as Ashour’s current wives.  In this scene the singer, Mohamed Taha, is slipped some cash by Mahmoud al Meliji’s character to sing lyrics that tease him about his ever changing roster of wives.  The scene ends with a bar brawl.

Nagwa Fouad نجوى فؤاد‎ and Mohamed Taha محمد طه


Nagwa Fouad dances in a scene from the 1972 film ‘Shelet al Mohtalin’ (Swindler’s Gang). Performing with her is the famous Egyptian singer Mohamed Taha.
‘Shelet al Mohtalin’ is a comedy starring Fouad al Mohandes, his then wife Shweiker, Mohamed Awad and Nabila Ebeid. Nagwa Fouad played Ilham the bellydancer.