Nabaweya Mustafa (shamadan)

In this scene from the 1944 Egyptian film ‘Ibnati’ (My Daughter ابنتى ) the dancer is Nabaweya Mustafa and for the first part of her performance she balances a shamadan (candelabra) on her head.
The film starred Aziza Amir, Amira Amir and Mahmoud Zulfikar and was a drama about two babies that were swapped at birth.

Nabaweya Moustafa (1952) نبوية مصطفى

This is Egyptian bellydancer Nabaweya Moustafa in a dance scene from the 1952 film ‘Khadra wa Sindibad’ (خضرة والسندباد القبلى) which starred Kamal al Shinnawi, Mahmoud al Meligi, Hassan Fayak and Doria Ahmed. The scene is set in a cotton field and the male singer with the fake moustache is Omar El Gizawy.
Trivia: (1) Doria Ahmed is the mother of actress Soheir Ramzy.
(2) The film was originally titled ‘Khadra wa Sindibad el khebli’ (Khadra and Sindibad the Southerner).

Nabaweya Mustafa (1955)

Nabaweya Mustafa performing in a scene from the 1955 film ‘Brides for Auction’ (Aryess fil mazad). The film starred Rushdi Abaza but not for long as his character dies early in the film. This scene is set in a women’s mental ward where one of the main characters has been sent after her involvement in the death of Rushdi Abaza’s character.
Also starring is comedienne Marie Munib along with Abdul Salem Al Nabulsi, Shukry Sarhan and Zeinat Sedki.