Nabila Ebeid (1992)

This 1992 movie is based on ‘Samara al Amir’, a short story of the same name by Naguib Mahfouz, The film starred Nabila Ebeid who’s dancing in this scene.  Also starring were Mariam Fakreddine, Waheed Seif, Mohamed Wafik and Ramses Marzouk. Marzouk was also the film’s cinematographer. The film tells the tale of a poor girl who is exploited by those around her but who becomes a famous bellydancer.
(In case you’d like to see more of Nabila, there are other clips on TheCarovan and out on the net.  FYI alternate spellings of her surname are ‘Obeid”, “Ubeid”, “Ebid” and “Abeid”.)

Nabila Ebeid (1978)

Nabila Ebeid dances in a scene from ‘Al Maraa al Okhra’ (The Other Woman) a 1978 film that stars Mervat Amin, Nabila Ebeid, Emad Hamdi and Nour al Sharif.

Trivia: The movie starts, the credits roll and what’s the musical score? oh cringe-a-rama its ‘Les Bicyclettes de Belsize’ (you may remember the Englebert Humperdink version from 1968).

Bellydance compilation 7

A mix of colour and black and white bellydance clips starting with Egyptian actress/dancer Nabila Ebeid نبيلة عبيد‎.  Then there’s a black and white clip, then Azza Sherif with Farid Shawki in the audience then a recent video clip.
Any IDs?

Bellydance compilation 1

Bellydance scenes from some Egyptian movies from the 1970s. First, a Nubian theatre troupe, then there’s some scenes from the 70s, the dancer in green is Sohair Ramzy (its supposed to be a dance competition so the girls all dance to the same piece), then there’s a lovely piece by an unknown dancer (again the storyline is that its an audition), this is followed by the latest from Amr Diab’s movie ‘Ebka Kablny’ and finally some short clips of bellydancer/actress Nabila Ebeid in an advert for a upcoming programme.

Nabila Ebeid (1984) نبيلة عبيد


This is Egyptian actress/dancer Nabila Ebeid in the 1984 film ‘Al Raqissa w’al Tabal’ (The Dancer and the Drummer).
The film opens with Zizi Mustafa making a cameo appearance as a famous bellydancer who, following a disagreement with Abdu the drummer played by Ahmed Zaki, walks out of her job performing at a nightclub. A replacement dancer must be found quickly and Abdu brings in a local dancer named Mabaheg, played by Ebeid. This is the scene where he sees her for the first time dancing at a local wedding.  He hires her and coaches her to fame and fortune. There’s also a whole backstory about contracts and debts. Sad ending though, as she rises to fame he ends up on drugs and unemployed.