Nadia Gamal (1965) نادية جمال‎

Bellydancer Nadia Gamal in a scene from the 1965 film ‘Al Siba wa’l Jamal’ (Youth and Beauty الصبا والجمال ).  The film starred Lebanese diva Sabah along with Muharram Fouad and Shafiq Hashim who was Nadia Gamal’s husband at the time. Nadia Gamal married Shafiq Hashim in 1958, the marriage ending in divorce nine years later.  Depending on who tells the story, bellydancer Nadia Gamal was born Maria Kariadis in 1935 (or 1936 or 1937) in Alexandia (or Beirut) to parents who were Lebanese or Greek or Italian or Egyptian.  Whatever the facts, she was a wonderful dancer.  Sadly she died in Beirut in 1990 of complications while receiving treatment for cancer.
Trivia: (1) Shafiq Hashim was singer Karem Mahmoud’s band leader for several years. There’s a clip of Nagwa Fouad dancing while Karem Mahmoud sings ‘Samra ya Samra’ on this channel.
(2) Muharram Fouad was one of Taheya Karioka’s 14 husbands.  I think he was number 8 but can anyone confirm please?


Nadia Gamal نادية جمال (1968)

This 1968 film is named after the hero of the piece, a Robin Hood-like character named ‘Saqr al Arab’ (Arabian Falcon). In this scene Nadia Gamal plays a bellydancer who’s been hired to poison the Emir (in the white turban). After finishing her dance, she pours the poisoned wine into a goblet which she offers to the Emir. He raises the cup to drink but is saved by the Arabian Falcon who leaps through a window and knocks it out of his hand.