Nahed Sherif (1977) ناهد شريف

This is actress Nahed Sharif performing in a scene from the 1977 Egyptian comedy ‘The Husbands are Devils’ (Al Azwag al Shayateen الأزواج الشياطين). The groom is Adel Imam. Comedienne Wedad Hamdi makes a guest appearance in the first scenes of the film playing the victim of a robbery after her maid Naima (Nahed Sherif) steals her jewellery and hides it on-board a houseboat belonging to Mamdouh (Adel Imam). The film also starred Youssef Fakhr Eddine, Madiha Kamil, Laila Taher and Saeed Salah.
Background: Adel Imam had released a film titled ‘Naughty Husbands’(Azwaj Teshoon أزواج طائشون) the previous year and the two films are often confused. To add to the confusion, the earlier film ‘Azwaj Teshoon’ also featured Madiha Kamil and had a ‘same-same but different’ storyline. The earlier film co-starred Samir Ghanem and Buthayna Nasser.

Nahed Sherif (1974) ناهد شريف

Actress Nahed Sherif (1942-1981) dances in a scene from the 1974 joint Syrian/Egyptian film ‘Emraa Haraah’ (Confused Woman إمرأة حائرة ). The film also starred Sharifa Fadel, Nour al Sherif, Syrian actor Fathi Abdul Latif and former Miss Lebanon, Nadia Arslan.

Nahed Sabry

This black and white clip opens with a fellaheen theme moving into a scene in an art studio with Nahed Sabry as the bellydancer and artists’ model. Its a pity the actors keep getting in the way as she’s worth watching. The singer is Mohamed Kandeel. Many thanks to Sameh Afandina for IDing both the dancer and singer.