Nawal Al Saghira نوال الصغيرة

Nawal Al Saghira (نوال الصغيرة ) is the dancer and Mohamed Taha (محمد طه ) is the singer in this scene from the 1966 Egyptian film ‘Shaa’awet Regala’ (The Awful Men) which starred Suad Hosny and Rushdy Abaza.  You’ll also see a young Mohamed Awad near the end of the scene. This clip is unusual as Mohamed Taha wears a tuxedo rather than galabeya.


Mona Ibrahim and Nawal al Saghira (1969)

Two clips from a 1969 movie ‘Al Ataba Gazaaz’ (The Glass Step العتبة جزاز ) starring Fouad al Mohandes and his then wife Shweiker. The bellydancer in the first scene is Mona Ibrahim and in the second scene we see Nawal al Saghira. The singer is possibly Faten Farid but I’m not sure.
The film is about an Egyptian superhero similar to Batman. The same music is used in both clips as the main character played by Fuad al Mohandes turns into a maniac when he hears it (sort of like me when I hear ‘My heart will go on’). I had to leave the ear wiggling in though, its priceless.
If you like the music there’s a version on Hossam Ramzy’s CD “Egyptian Rai”.
The singer is the second scene is great but it all ends very badly for her unfortunately.

Bellydance compilation 12

Three clips of bellydancers in Egyptian movies. The first is a scene of a baladi wedding from the 1995 film ‘Baltiyah Bint Bahri’ which starred Salah Nazmi. This is followed by a black and white clip of Nawal El Saghiera (thanks Simozimo). The final clip is of a dancer in a scene from the film ‘Aman ya Dunya’ starring the late Younes Shelaby who’s the man walking into the nightclub.