Nelly Fouad


This is Alexandrian dancer Nelly Fouad, another star of the Egyptian dance scene in the 70s. Her big break came when she filled in for Soheir Zaki one evening and this led to a long performing career including of course her iconic performances on the ‘Shwaya Baladi’ tapes that every dancer seemed to have. Nelly retired in the late 1980s but has now started teaching at Raqia Hassan’s festival in Cairo.


Nelly Fouad (1976)

Nelly Fouad in a gorgeous orange bedlah performing during the opening credits of the 1976 Egyptian comedy ‘Akhuwatih al-banat’ اخواته البنات.  The music she dances to is known by dancers as ‘Raks Nelli’  composed by Ali Srour.  The film starred Nahed Sherif who’s the bride, Waheed Seif in the blue jacket, Moshera Esmael, Khayria Ahmed and Mohamed Awad.