Soheir Zaki سهير زكي P2 ‘Pink Lady’

This is the second part of a performance by Egyptian bellydance legend Soheir Zaki wearing a green bedlah. The music in the first part was her signature piece known to most bellydancers as ‘Pink Lady’ and then starting this section, she moves on to the Abdel Halim Hafez song ‘Nebtedy Menein El Hekaya’. Born in Mansoura Egypt in 1944, Soheir Zaki was one of the “three great pyramids” of bellydance during the 60’s and 70’s, the others being Fifi Abdu and Nagwa Fouad.
Caveat: The quality of this video is not the best.

Soheir Zaki (1983) سهير زكي

Soheir Zaki dances to her theme music ‘Pink Lady’ in a scene from the 1983 drama ‘Enna Rabbaka Labelmersad ‘ (The Lord of the Lookout إن ربك لبالمرصاد). The film starred Hussein Fahmy, Mahmoud Yassine and Yousra and told the story of a chemist who finds that ingredients for medicines are going missing from the lab where he works. He discovers that one of his co-workers is supplying them to a drug gang. Soheir Zaki plays an addicted dancer.