Taheya Karioka (1959)

Taheya Karioka dances in another scene from the 1959 Egyptian film ‘Beit al Ward’ (بياعة الورد ‘House of the Rose’ but usually titled ‘The Florist’). The film starred Samiha Ayoub as Ward (Rose) a florist who becomes involved in the turbulent relationship between Imtithal (Karioka) and Ezzat (Mohsen Sarhan).

Nagwa Fouad (1961) فؤاد نجوى

Egyptian bellydancer Nagwa Fouad in another scene from the 1961 comedy film ‘Zawj bil ijar’ (‘Husband for Rent’ or ‘Husband by Proxy’ زوج بالإيجار ). The film starred comedian Ismail Yassin as a wealthy businessman named Murad who is facing bankruptcy. He also plays Murad’s lookalike named Filfil. The film also starred Zahrat al Ola, Wedad Hamdi and Hassan Fayek.

Samia Gamal and Farid al Atrache (1952)

Egyptian bellydancer Samia Gamal performs in a scene from the 1952 film ‘Don’t Tell Anyone’ (Ma Takulshi la Hada ماتقولش لحد). The film starred Farid Al Atrache who is the male singer performing with her in this scene. The film also starred singer Nour Al Hoda, Stefan Rosti and Abdel Salam Al Nabulsi.