Bellydance compilation 15

Four short clips of Egyptian bellydancers performing in black and white films.
1. From an Ismail Yassin movie (Ismail Yassin for Sale? I’m not 100% sure).
2, From ‘Arees min Istanbouli’ (A Groom from Istanbul) released in 1941. The dancer seems to be uncredited. The film starred Raqiya Ibrahim and Youssef Wehbi.
3. Beba Ibrahim (ببا إبراهيم ) in ‘Arees min Istanbouli’ (عريس من استانبول)
4. From ‘Sahibat al azama’ released in 1956. The film starred Taheya Carioca and Ismail Yassin. It’s Ismail Yassin who throws himself onto the stage in the final clip.