Hind Rostom (1971) هند رستم‎

This is Egyptian actress Hind Rostom performing in a scene from the 1971 Egyptian film ‘Modaresti al Hasnaa’ (My Fair (or Beautiful) Teacher مدرستى الحسناء). In this film she plays Nadia, a chemistry teacher who moves to Cairo with her sister played by Sanaa Mazhar. Nadia takes up a job as the teacher of a group of high school troublemakers. Viewers will need to suspend reality as leading the supposed ‘students’ are actors Hussein Fahmy, Helmy Abdel Wahab and Saeed Saleh who were all decidedly 25+. Also starring was Abdul Moneim Ibraheem.
Trivia: You may remember the same ‘dream’ sequence in the 1973 version of the film where the dancing was performed by actress Mervat Amin. The 1973 film was titled “Madraset El Moshaghbeen” (School of Troublemakers مدرسة المشاغبين ) and is in colour.

Dina (1991) دينا

Another scene from the 1991 film ‘Ba’ai al Shay’ (The Tea Seller بائعة الشاي) which starred Dina along with Saeed Saleh, Dounia and Hussein al Sherbini.
Dina’s co-star Saeed Saleh has said in interviews that it is “an honour for any female artists to be kissed by him, especially since his kiss is one of a kind.” He ended up trouble in 2011 when The Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs in Egypt demanded that he be banned from tv and film etc as he had been quoted as saying “he sees nothing with people having sex before marriage as long as the two….have an agreement to get married.”