Banat Mazin ghawazee (1967)

These are the three elder Mazin sisters, Souad, Tukha & Ferial, members of one of the last actively performing Ghawazee families. This clip is from the 1967 film ‘Al zawja al Thania’ (The Second Wife  الزوجة الثانية ) which starred Suad Hosni, Saana Gamal, Soheir el Morshedi and Shukry Sarhan.  It tells the story of a nasty village mayor who tires of his first wife and forces one of the villagers to divorce his own wife, Fatima, so the mayor can marry her and bear a male heir. Turns out that Fatima is already pregnant by her husband so the headman has a fit and is paralysed and Fatima restores everything to the way it should be.
Many thanks to Morocco of NY for the ID.