Samia Gamal (1952) جمال‎ سامية

Samia Gamal dances in a scene from the 1952 film ‘Ma Takulshi La Hada’ (Don’t tell Anyone). The film also starred Lebanese born singer Nour Al Hoda.  The two men shown sitting at the table are Farid Al Atrache and Stefan Rosti.

Samia Gamal (1950)

Samia Gamal dances and Souad Makawee sings in a 1950 film ‘Asmar wa gameel’ (Dark and Handsome أسمر وجميل). The man with the moustache is a well known Egyptian comedian of the time, Mahmoud Shekuku, who was usually known by just his surname. The film also starred Mahmoud Abdul Aziz, Marie Munib and Mohamed al Bakker.

The word ‘asmar’ means ‘brown’.

Samia Gamal (1953) جمال‎ سامية

Legendary Egyptian bellydancer Samia Gamal performs in a scene from the 1953 Egyptian drama ‘Ketar al Layl’ (The Night Train قطار الليل ) which also starred Emad Hamdi, Stefan Rosti and Seraj Mounir. Emad Hamdi is the man in the trenchcoat in this scene.
Movie trivia: The lead male actor, Emad Hamdi, was married to singer Shadia and later to actress/dancer Nadia al Jundi. He was a busy man as he was also married to bellydancer Houriya Mohamed at one time.  Maybe he liked trains too as, along with this film ‘The Night Train’, he also starred in ‘Sayyedet Al Ketar’ (The Lady of the Train) in 1952 and ‘Ketar Al Neel’ (The Nile Train) in 1953.

Samia Gamal (1952) سامية جمال‎

Samia Gamal dancing in a scene from the 1952 film ‘Don’t Tell Anyone’ (Ma Takulshi La Hada ماتقولش لحد) which starred Farid Al Atrache, singer Nour Al Hoda, Stefan Rosti and Abdel Salam Al Nabulsi.
The title of the music is ‘Souk El Jawaree’ and its available as an MP3 download from an old recording ‘Arabesque’ (Classics of Bellydance).

Samia Gamal (1947) سامية جمال‎

Samia Gamal dances in another scene from the 1947 film ‘Habib Al Omr’ (Love of My Life حبيب العمر) which starred Farid al Atrash, Hassan Fayek, Lola Sedky and Ismail Yassin.

Samia Gamal (1947) جمال‎ سامية

The third clip of Samia Gamal performing in the 1947 Egyptian film ‘Habib Al Omr’ (Love of My Life حبيب العمر) which starred Farid al Atrash, Lola Sedky, Hassan Fayek and Ismail Yassin.

Samia Gamal سامية جمال‎ (1956) ‘Zeina’

A scene from the 1956 film ‘Zanouba’ which starred Samia Gamal who’s seen here dancing to ‘Zeina’ by Mohamed Abdel Wahab. The film also starred Shukry Sarhan and Estefan Rosti who are the two men watching her in this scene. Also starring were Hassan Fayek and Mahmoud Ismail.

Samia Gamal (1956) ‘Zanouba’ سمية جمال

This is high on the list of my all time favourite bellydance clips. I first saw this clip way back when I was a babydancer, loved it then, love it now.
This is Samia Gamal performing to the title music from the 1956 film ‘Zanouba’ (زنوبه) in which she starred along with Shukri Sarhan who’s the man asleep.  Also starring were Samira Ahmed and Stefan Rosti. The sinister gent who appears towards the end of the scene is played by Mahmoud Ismael.

Samia Gamal (1950) سامية جمال

Egyptian bellydancer Samia Gamal dances in a scene from the 1950 film ‘Asmar wa Jameel’ (Dark and Handsome أسمر وجميل ).
The singer wearing the tarboush (fez), Abdel Aziz Mahmoud, plays a second-hand goods merchant who finds a large sum of money hidden in a suitcase of clothing he’s purchased. After some soul searching and a very bad dream, he returns the money to the woman who sold it to him.
The film also starred Marie Munib, Shekuku and Abdel Fatah al Kasry.