Nagwa Fouad (1960) فؤاد نجوى

The dancer in this clip, Nagwa Fouad ( فؤاد نجوى), needs no introduction This wedding scene is from the 1960 Egyptian comedy ‘Shahr assal basel’ (literally, ‘Honeymoon Onions’ which certainly conveys the idea, but the film’s better known in English as ‘The Ruined Honeymoon’ or ‘The Honeymoon Fell Flat’.) The film tells the story of Ismail and Samia (Ismail Yassine and Cariman) who, after many ups-and-downs, eventually marry and this is the scene in this clip. The newly married couple leave on honeymoon but are promptly joined by her mother (the irrepressible Mary Mounib who keeps getting flicked by Nagwa’s veil in this scene). The film follows the couple as the husband makes several attempts to (non fatally) get rid of his MIL.
Like so many other big names of that time, including Ismail Yassine himself, Marie Mounib rose to fame as one of Najib al Rihani’s company of actors.  The dance tie-in is that Najib al Rihani was married to Badia Masabni the woman often credited with being the founder of ‘modern cabaret’ bellydance in Cairo in the 1930s-40s.