The Great Unknown.

This is a clip that was on my YouTube channel and unfortunately due to the termination of the channel I’ve lost all the information about the clip.
Its from an Egyptian film, and from the clothes being worn and the hairstyles, it looks like its from the 80s. Who’s the actress dancing? The singer, is it Fatma Eid? Who’s the actor who dances with the cane? Aaaagh!

Nemat Mokhtar (1965)

This is Nemat Mokhtar dancing and singing (yes, its really her) in a scene from the 1965 Egyptian film ‘Al Mouchaghib’ (The Troublemaker المشاغب ). The film starred Farid Shawki and Mahmoud al Meliji.

Nazik (1959) نازك

This is Lebanese born singer Nazik (1929-1999) performing the theme song from the 1959 Egyptian film ‘Kul daqa fi qalbi’ (Every beat of my heart كل دقة فى قلبى) which starred Samia Gamal and Mohamed Fawzi. No dancing in this clip, just beautiful music and a golden voice.
Some of the lyrics are:
“Kul daqa fi qalbi bitsallem a’leik,
Ya wahishni min zaman fein noor e’inaik,
Every beat of my heart greets you (says hello to you),
I miss you, its been a while,
(I’m) missing the light of your eyes.”




The clip is from a programme shown on Qatar tv. These settings are called ‘jalsaat’ (s: jalsa) and they’re social occasions where there’s music, singing and dancing. In a relaxed home setting with only the family attending, tea, coffee and sweets are served and people will perform songs to entertain each other. However if there are important guests or its a formal function then professional musicians/dancers are usually employed. The guests at a jalsa can sit and enjoy the music or get up and dance as they like.