Soheir Zaki in the Gulf (blue bedlah part 2)

This is part two of a performance by Soheir Zaki in the Gulf. She’s wearing a blue and silver bedlah. The concert was probably in Abu Dhabi the capital of the UAE and was probably filmed the 70s or early 80s nobody really seems to either know or remember exactly.
Trivia: On TheCaroVan you’ll find her other performance in AD where she wears a red galabayah.

Soheir Magdi (1960) سهير مجدى

This is Egyptian dancer Soheir Magdi performing in a nightclub scene from the 1964 Egyptian film ‘Lil Rigal Faqaat’ (For Men Only للرجال فقط). The film stars Nadia Lutfi and Su’ad Husni as female geologists who are denied employment because of their gender. They disguise themselves as men and get the jobs but end up falling in love with a pair of their co-workers. The film also starred Youssef Shabaan and Hasan Yousef.