Soheir Ramzy (1977) سهير رمزى

A scene from the 1977 film ‘Helwa ya dunia al hobb’ (Beautiful World of Love حلوة يادنيا الحب ) which starred Nagwa Fouad, Hussein Fahmy and Aqila Rateb.  The dancer in this scene, Soheir Ramzi, is the daughter of actress Doria Ahmed. After her early days as a child actress Soheir Ramzi worked as an air hostess and then as a model prior to her career in films.  She made a name for herself playing ‘saucy’ roles in a string of movies in the 1970s.  She’s been married many times, including once to Farouk al Fishawi and on another occasion to a former husband of Nagwa Fouad.
In 1992 Soheir Ramzy retired from acting and began wearing the veil (hijab). She returned to tv acting as a hijabi in 2006.