Suzy Khairy (1958) سوزى خيرى

Suzy Khairy dances in a scene from the 1958 Egyptian film ‘Al Malema’ (المعلمة) which starred Yehia Shaheen, Taheya Karioka and Mahmoud al Meliji. The male singer is Daulat Helmy
Dancers will recognise the music as ‘Hassan’ (‘Ya Hassan ya Khouli al Ganena’) by Mahmoud al Sherif. The song was made popular when it was sung by Shadia in the 1951 film ‘Leilat al Henna’ in which she starred along with Kamal al Shinnawi.

Suzy Khairy (1959) سوزي خيري

Suzy Khairy dancing in the 1959 comedy ‘Hassan and Marika’. This film starred Ismail Yassin playing Hassan who’s in love with Marika played by Maha Sabri. Hassan’s friend Fahlawy (which means shrewd or sly in Arabic) played by Abdul Salam al Nabulsi is also in love with Marika and the two men vie for her love. Meanwhile, her father, who’s the local Greek barber, has his own plans for Marika to marry another man. After a lot of confusion, mistaken identity and cross-dressing, there’s a twist to the story and a happy ending. Thank you to GypsyJewel for the ID.
The songs for the movie were composed by Mounir Murad the younger brother of Egyptian movie star Leila Murad.

Bellydance compilation 4

All these clips are from the era of black and white films. The first dancer is Suzy Khairy, then there’s a group piece both from the 1960 film ‘Inni ataham’ (I accuse), followed by a Greek surprise and finally Farid al Atrache and Tahiya Karioka.