Taheya Karioka and Farid al Atrache (1942)

This is Taheya Karioka and Farid al Atrache in a scene from the 1942 Egyptian film, “Dreams of Youth” (أحلام الشباب Ahlam al Shabab). The film starred Farid al Atrache as a man, co-incidentally named Farid, who fancies his neighbour’s niece Elham (Madiha Yousri). He gets to know Elham by teaching her to play the piano. Elham’s parents have both died and now she lives with her aunt played by the wonderful Marie Munib. Taheya Karioka plays Bahia, a dancer who tries, but fails, to make Farid fall in love with her. The film also starred Hassan Fayek and Abbas Fares.